Advent Lutheran Church

Equipping and empowering disciples to proclaim

the transforming promise of Jesus Christ

Equipping and empowering disciples
to proclaim the transforming promise
of Jesus Christ

Our Mission
Our Philosophy on Children

It is important to have children of all ages participate in our worship services. In our baptismal service, parents, sponsors and the whole congregation promise to bring children to worship.


Bringing children into the sanctuary is something like allowing a child to eat at the dinner table. Even though their manners are far from elegant, it is done so children will learn and feel a part of the family.

Our Charter

Inviting children to participate is the most powerful way to teach them. Children giggle, they poke, they ask questions and they swing their legs simply because they are children. Young children in worship may have bad moments, but it is their birthright as Christians to worship.

Children learn by experience. This is how we learn to worship and become active members of this church community. Children learn how to welcome by how they are welcomed. Please join us in expressing joy at having children worship with us and join us in giving prayers and thanks to God for each child’s presence.


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        Pastor Justin Grimm

        Administration (Jan Price)

    Mailing Address

        P.O. Box 249, Lake Ann, MI 49650

As beloved children of God, Advent Lutheran Church is a community that, with God's leadership will:


SHARE the feeling and promise of God's unconditional love

WELCOME everyone to come and to meet Jesus Christ through worship, study, and fellowship

EXPRESS gratitude for all God's blessings: those experienced and those yet to come

USE our God-given talents and experiences to welcome challenges

CARRY on God's mission in the church, in the community, and in the world


In my desire to unite with Advent Lutheran Church, I promise that:


•I will be faithful to Jesus Christ and His church

•I will joyfully support the church through giving of my money, time, and talent

•I will actively participate in the life of the church

•I will reflect the love of Jesus Christ through my life

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Our Vision

In five years, Advent Lutheran Church will be a growing and diverse community of people who are sought out and welcomed with the purpose of hearing and sharing God's Word and Sacraments of forgiveness and grace.

It will be a place where the church is the people, inspired to discover and serve in new ministries which feed the body and soul of all.