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Advent's Special Land Use Approved by Almira Township Zoning Commission

Almira Township Zoning Commission approved Advent Lutheran Church's Special Land Use Application to hold Summer Adventure Camp, beginning June 10, 2024.

Easter was our first "Good News" of the Week. This is our Second.

The Camp Development team at Advent has been working on all the details related to Summer Camp simultaneously, and with this approval of our Special Land Use Permit from our local Zoning commission, we've got all our "ducks in a row" to offer safe, supervised summer day camp to school-age children ages 5-12. Let the Adventure Begin!

Thank You to Our Neighbors

We want to offer a wonderful "Thank you" to our neighbors. Especially our neighbors with property immediately adjacent to our church building. It was nice meeting you at the Zoning meeting today. We're looking forward to meeting up for coffee- because coffee is definitely something we can all agree on.

Enrollment Paperwork soon will be Online

We are opening In-Person registration first. Parents who want to register a camper at Summer Adventure Camp, please join us at Advent Lutheran Church at 11am on Sunday, April 7. We will begin enrolling campers at 11:00 and stay until either everyone in line is able to enroll or we reach our maximum capacity of weekly campers. There are a few online forms to fill out ahead of registration. Details about these forms will be available very soon.

Compliments, Questions, and More

As always, if you have questions, compliments, or want to connect to learn more about any of the news of Advent Lutheran Church, contact the church office by calling (231) 275-8031 or by emailing Dana will be happy to connect you to someone who can help.

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