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5 Reasons to Come to Children's Church during Lent

Children creating an Alleluia Banner
Children creating an Alleluia Banner

There are many reasons why Children's Church, Advent's Sunday School, is awesome, but here are a few of our favorite reasons to come to Children's Church during Lent.

  1. Surprises! We're going to make Alleluia banners on February 11th, the Sunday before Lent begins. Then, we're going to "put it away" in a time capsule, and then we'll open it up on Easter and celebrate!

  2. Send the Right Message. Children's Church shows your kids that God's Word really does matter. Plus, Easter has meaning beyond easter eggs and the easter bunny, and church is the perfect place to learn the real reason for the holiday.

  3. Friends "Connecting Through Christ" is our mission even for the youngest members of our church. It's a safe space to be yourself and to learn how you are accepted by your church family.

  4. Developmentally appropriate activities. Our teachers utilize many resources to ensure that children are engaged in activities designed for all our kids. Stories, songs, games, crafts, and activities round out the experience for the little ones.

  5. Fun! It's more than just fruit snacks.. although the fruit snacks are pretty great. We have so much fun creating together, reading together, and learning together.

Children's Church happens during our worship service, beginning after the Children's sermon, and ending before the noisy offering. Join us this Sunday!

If you are considering visiting Advent for the first time, call Dana in Advent's church office and she would be glad to answer any additional questions you have. We would love to meet you!

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