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We take safety seriously. All volunteers for programs designed for children held at Advent Lutheran Church are required to fill out the volunteer background check form below in the yellow section. In addition, if you are volunteering in any capacity for our Michigan licensed Summer Camp, Summer Adventure Camp, you need to sign our volunteer policy.

Volunteer Background Check

This background check is completed through the Michigan ICHAT system, the same system used by most schools and non-profit organizations. Please fill out all required fields.  If you would prefer to fill this information out on a paper form and mail/drop it off at Advent, download the form here.

Have you volunteered at ADVENT LUTHERAN CHURCH before?
Have you ever pled guilty, or been convicted of a felony in a state or federal court?
Have you ever pled guilty, or been convicted of a misdemeanor in a state or federal court?
Are you the subject of a current criminal investigation or have pending charges against you?

Thanks for submitting the background check form.

Volunteer Background Check
Supervised Volunteer Policy
of Summer Adventure Camp

Supervised Volunteers may be parents/guardians of campers or other members of the community.

  • All Volunteers must fill out the Volunteer Background Check form that provides basic information including first and last name. This form should be filled out 24-48 hours before volunteering. This information will be used to process an ICHAT background check.

  • All Volunteers must sign the Supervised Volunteer Policy.

  • Volunteers shall wear a Volunteer Button while they are on site during camp hours and sign in/out with the Camp Manager.


Supervised Volunteers Off Site

Parents of campers or community members who wish to volunteer alongside the camp on weekly field trips may not ride on the camp transportation (bus) but may meet the camp at the location. 


Supervised Volunteers On Site

Volunteers are welcome to assist with Summer Adventure Camp at Advent Lutheran Church. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Setting out snacks for campers and staff

  • Serving staff appreciation lunches or breakfast treats

  • Assisting with service projects taking place on site (including the Lake Ann Peace Park) 

  • Setting up or taking down special event items

  • Running errands and/or delivering groceries and other items to camp

  • Other volunteer tasks at the direction of the Camp Manager


All Supervised Volunteers are under the direct oversight of the Camp Manager but may be supervised by any Staff or Unsupervised Volunteers. If the Camp Manager is absent, Supervised Volunteers should follow the direction of the On-Duty Camp Leader. The Camp Manager has full discretion to remove Supervised Volunteers or ask the Supervised Volunteers to leave with or without reason. 


Supervised Volunteers follow the same expectations as staff, including that are not permitted to be left alone with any camper that is not their child. 


I have read and understand the Supervised Volunteer Policy of Summer Adventure Camp.

Thanks for signing the Supervised Volunteer Policy of Summer Adventure Camp.

Supervised Volunteer Policy
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