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La La La... La La, La La!

It's time for Advent's choir to tune up for Easter! ... What choir, you ask? Read on!

A church choir practices
A church choir practices... will this look like Advent's new choir?

Advent is forming a new Choir!

Advent has a new choir forming! One of our visiting musicians, Kathie Leach, is starting a choir and their first performance will be on Easter. The Choir will practice every Sunday at 11:15 (after worship and coffee) between now and Easter for 30 minutes. No previous choir experience is required.

What kind of choir will it be?

What kind of choir will Advent have? That's a good question.

Another choir singing
This might be what choir looks like! But does it look like Advent?

A group of friends singing
Does this choir look like fun? Perhaps you have some hidden karaoke talent or amazing shower-singing talents that you haven't found a way to share in church...

A group of folk singers
This is probably not what our choir will look like, but if you have an accordion, please share your gift at our October festival!

A group of young singers
These young friends look like they can sing!

We want you to be part of Advent's Choir picture

Whatever Advent's choir will look like, can you picture yourself among it? Will you help us imagine a choir that will be fun and bring joy to Advent through music? We hope you can as we would love to make you part of the picture.

Want to get on the new choir list? Contact Dana in the church office and she will get your information to Kathie. See you on Sunday!

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