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Summer Adventure Camp FAQs

Here's some answer to questions people have been wondering about Summer Adventure Camp.

Happy Campers
Happy Campers

What is the difference between Traditional Camp and Mission:Camp?

The best way to think of these camp themes is that there are two groups of campers. All campers will share several fun activities for the week. Then, the Mission:Camp campers will also weave in a service project to help our neighborhood.

Does Mission:Camp have anything to do with "like a church mission?"

Not really. Camp is not a bible school (and if it was, it wouldn't be a state-licensed day camp). Think of the word "mission" like an astronaut-mission, or a project we all work together on. In this context, helping our neighbors is the "mission" by doing easy community-action projects. We'll do things like build a tiny library, grow some vegetables, or build some new benches for a park as the "mission" of that week of camp. We've made these projects age-appropriate for the 5-12 year old campers that will be working on them.

Are there field trips?

Yes. Every week, there is field trip to a fun location around town that is connected to the theme of the camp. We've found our bus service and we're in the process confirming exact locations and times, so we'll let campers and their parents know the exact itineraries for the weeks you've enrolled no later than the first day of camp.

Can I meet the counselors?

Yes. Join us for the meet-the-counselors open house on Sunday, June 2 at 11:30am. That's also a great time to take a look around camp once our outdoor space is set up.

More questions?

Send in any more questions you have and we will be happy to share information about our camp. We are very excited for this summer!

Call us at (231) 275-8031 or email

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