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Advent's Angel Tree Helped Children and Caregivers at Hope Center for Children in Homa Bay, Kenya Celebrate a Wonderful Christmas

Updated: Jan 22

The Advent Angel Tree 2023 donations benefited the Hope Center for Children in Homa Bay, Kenya.

Children at Hope Center for Children in Homa Bay, Kenya
Children at Hope Center for Children show off their new Christmas Outfits
Staff and Caregivers at Hope Center for Children in Homa Bay, Kenya
Staff and Caregivers at Hope Center for Children show their appreciation for the generous Christmas donation.

The 36 children and 9 caregivers at Hope Center For Children in Homa Bay, Kenya send Advent their deep appreciation for making Christmas the most joyful holiday ever!  Besides all the children receiving new outfits, they enjoyed THREE meals provided by us!  A Christmas Eve Dinner of chicken and chapatti bread, a breakfast of mandazi donuts, and a Christmas Day dinner of fish, chicken, rice pulao, roast potatoes, and soda pop. The staff is wearing a specially designed T-Shirt that says,"We Appreciate Your Love!"  Everyone at the Hope Center, even the kids who went home for the holidays, will get this new T-shirt!  All thanks to God, for His Blessings to all his children! Thank you Advent for making this Angel Tree so beautiful and meaningful this season.

This week, Advent received a heartfelt thank you letter from Hearth to Hearth Ministries:

Dear Friends at Advent Church,

It is with a joyful heart that I bring you great thanks from the children and staff at Hope for Children Center in Homa Bay, Kenya. From half a world away your generosity and kindness have brought smiles, laughter, and hope to 30 children who were at Hope for the entire Christmas holiday, who do not even have a guardian share their love with. In addition to new clothes, they and the entire staff were able to share in a meal that was truly a feast for them - chicken, fish, chapatis (a type of pancake), vegetables and soda. Then you gave them the gift of swimming at the pool that is next to Hope Center. The ultimate treat! It would have warmed your heart to see and hear the absolute happiness that filled that day. 

Because of your donations of $1635 (Wow!) we were able to provide these gifts and this special day for the children. But the miracle of the loaves and fishes does not stop there! By combining your funds with gifts from several other donors, we were able to also purchase Hope T shirts for every child and staff member at Hope Center and serve a holiday meal to all the children together when they returned to Hope from their guardians. 

Please take a moment and go to our Facebook page, Hearth to Hearth Ministries, and see what joy you have caused. All of us at Hearth to Hearth Ministries thank you with our whole hearts for the wonderful gift of Christmas love you have given all at Hope Center. The children and staff will smile every time they remember this Christmas vacation!

With Gratitude, 

Kathie Brand, Board of Directors

Hearth To Hearth Ministries

Lindsay and Gwen, Angel Tree 2023 organizers 

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