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How Advent's Donations to Lutheran World Relief Make a Global Impact

Advent made a donation to support Lutheran World Relief, an organization that provides food, medical care, and life-saving help to areas of the world most threatened by global poverty.

What does Lutheran World Relief do?
Hands come together to hold up grain
Hands come together to hold up grain

Here is a description from the Lutheran World Relief website:

At Lutheran World Relief, we envision a future where all people, in every corner of the world can live full, dignified lives.

Founded by Lutherans in the United States at the end of World War II, grounded in Lutheran theology and building on decades of experience, Lutheran World Relief tackles global poverty by helping people adapt to the challenges that threaten their livelihoods and well-being.

We work with people based on need, regardless of race, religion or nationality and we do not evangelize.

We provide aid in emergencies and help families restore their lives. We partner with communities to build and grow rural economies. We break the cycle of poverty, so families and communities can thrive.

Our goal is to help people build self‐sufficiency and create new community‐owned approaches to problem‐solving that will last long after our projects end.

Piles of coins
Piles of coins
So Let's Cheer for that Noisy Offering!

 Advent's kids collect the "Noisy Offering" in the form of spare coins in metal buckets. As a parent of small children, I can share that it's their favorite part of service, and one of my kids will probably want to tell you that "cash is also accepted". Plus, the small dollars and cents collected by our smallest members add up. Advent designated the beneficiary of Noisy Offering to benefit Lutheran World Relief, and Lutheran World Relief received a check from Advent for $228!

Pile of Quilts
Pile of Quilts
Advent's Other Gifts to Lutheran World Relief

If Lutheran World Relief sounds familiar, that's because Advent has donated to them in several ways before. In 2022, Advent Donated to one of their Disaster Funds, and in 2023 Advent's Needlecrafters sent all of their many quilts to them for their quilt kit program. The quilts donated go where people need them most- anywhere locally or globally.

Be Part of The Difference We're Making

Consider donating today to one of our many missions and help Advent keep giving to our local and worldwide community.

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