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Dartball? What's that and what does it have to do with church?

Ok, ok. I know you're probably wondering why would a church write about something like Dartball? Well, I'll tell you.

A dartball board
Dartball board

What is the connection of Advent to Dartball?

Advent has some amazing friends over at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfort. They are extending invitations to us for just about anything that's happening there. We are invited to attend their Maundy Thursday Potluck and service on March 28. Our council members have been invited to come to their council meetings to sit in and learn how they are spreading the Word of God. And now, we just received an invitation to play Dartball with them!

What is Dartball?

"Dartball is a game in which darts are thrown at a large wooden or Homasote board that resembles a baseball field with colored areas which denote bases. Dartball uses baseball-like rules and scoring." - Source: Wikipedia

Dartball rules and board configurations vary from league to league, but generally teams comprise either seven or nine players plus possible alternates. Dartball teams are usually formed by churches, often playing their games during fall and winter months in church basements or common areas. Most leagues end their seasons with championship tournaments.

Dartball games can be very competitive; just as in baseball, the opposing team and its supporters may attempt to distract the "batter." In each match played there are three individual nine-inning games, with the exception of tie games in which extra inning games will be played. In some leagues, in order for a team to record a win, they must win at least two out of the three individual games. In other leagues, each win or loss in an evening's match is counted in the team's season standings."

So Let's Play!

Okay, now that's out of the way, we know what it is, and that churches all over play this game. Trinity Lutheran church in Frankfort is creating teams. And yup, we're invited to join in! Their first practice game date is Thursday, February 15 at 7:00 p.m. The address is: 955 James St. Frankfort, MI 49635. Jim Petteys is part of a team of folks from Advent. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach him or contact the church office and Dana will get you in touch.

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