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Camp Registration: Everything You Need to Know!

Updated: Apr 7

Registration begins for Summer Adventure Camp on Sunday, April 7th at 11:00 am. Here is some helpful information for what to expect at registration.

In Person Registration Begins April 7 @11am
In Person Registration Begins April 7 @11am

Step 1: Registration Paperwork

All the links for the Registration Paperwork are now available online at Here are the forms and a brief description of what they are used for:

There are 2 forms to fill out once per child:

  • The Enrollment Interest Form:  In this form, you tell us which weeks you would like your child to enroll. For each week of the summer, your child has the choice to choose between Traditional Summer Camp or Mission:Camp. Select all of one type or mix and match. It's all up to you!

    • Note: This is the only form that is required at the same time (or before) payment for your selected week(s) of camp. It is required to confirm your registration because it communicates which week(s) and program(s) you are registering for.

    • The other forms can be filled out anytime before the first day of camp, but MUST be complete before your child arrives at drop off or he/she will not be permitted to attend.

  • Child Information Card: This is the parent/authorized person contact information card from the state of Michigan. Although we have some of this information within the enrollment paperwork, this format is from the State of Michigan and what travels with the group whenever they leave the camp site. It also includes some basic medical information needed for any child to attend a licensed day camp.

Then, fill in this form once per family:

  • Written Information Packet Documentation: This form acknowledges receipt of our handbook and policies. Our handbook can be viewed or downloaded from

Step 2: Attend In-Person Registration or Register Online

Registration begins at 11:00am and will run until either everyone present gets to register their children for camp or we reach capacity.

  • Note: Summer Adventure Camp is run by Advent Lutheran Church, and we are running in-person registration after our normal Sunday worship service (which begins at 9:30am) so that our volunteers running registration tables can attend worship and then help with registration.

    • If you plan to arrive early to register your campers, if you would like to join us in worship, we will happily save your spot in line. (No worries if you choose not to, but if you care to, you would be very welcome)

    • If you have your children with you, we also offer a kids' activity which we call "Children's Church" at approximately 10am.

  • Advent Lutheran Church is located at 8481 Lake Ann Road, Lake Ann, MI 49650

Any spaces remaining after in-person registration will be made available online at 10:00am on Monday.

  • Parents will still need to fill out the same Registration Paperwork as detailed above.

  • Then, add the weeks of camp to your "cart" online, and process payment.

  • Once payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email of your registration.

Payments and Finance
  • We accept cash, checks (made out to Advent Lutheran Church with "Summer Adventure Camp" in the memo line) and most major credit cards.

  • We process credit cards through our website, so at the payment desk during in-person registration, we will email you an invoice for the total amount due to register your camper(s). Once paid, we will receive a confirmation and confirm your child's registration in their selected week(s) of camp.


We are happy to answer any questions you have! Call us ahead of time at (231) 275-8031, email or attend In-Person Registration and we will answer your questions there. Our registration is run by volunteers from the church, but you will have the chance to meet the counselors and camp staff at a meet and greet on the afternoon of June 2.

Let the Adventure Begin!

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